High End 2017: Raidho, Scansonic, Aavik and Ansuz

Raidho Acoustics demonstrated their D-5.1 and D4.1 loudspeakers and the MB-2.5 from sister company Scansonic HD.  Amplification for the demonstrations was provided by the Aavik Acoustics C-300 preamplifier and a pair of M-300 mono power amplifiers.  Cabling, grounding and power conditioning for the system came from Ansuz Acoustics.

In its various configurations this is the system that I most enjoyed.  The D-5.1s produced a wonderful, truly 3D soundstage, with lifesize images of every instrument and vocalist, stable, precisely placed and each occupying its own space.  The system delivered the scale of orchestras and large ensembles effortlessly.  The fullrange sound was completely grainless and seamless throughout the audio spectrum and produced with the grace of a true flagship system.

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High End 2017: Pro-Ject Audio

Pro-Ject Audio introduced may new products at High End 2017. 

The new Essential III range of turntables is based on the Essential III, with its  diamond-cut aluminium drive pulley, resonance-optimized MDF main platter and  chassis, and  Ortofon OM10 MM cartridge mounted on an 8.6" aluminium tonearm.  The other models of the range add such features as a built in phono stage, electronic speed control, Read the full post

High End 2017: Other Online Show Reports

Here's a list of links to other online show reports from High End 2017 in Munich. These reports provide a wealth of pictures and information from the show.  Unless otherwise indicated reports are in English.

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High End 2017: Sights and Sounds

Volya Bouquet loudspeaker on static display.

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High End 2017: Artnovion

Artnovion displayed a wide range of their acoustic treatments.  Also on display was their Impulso smartphone app for measuring room acoustics.

Artnovion acoustic treatment were also featured in many of the demonstration rooms throughout the show.

Artnovion Sahara acoustic panel, which provides absorption and diffusion.

Artnovion Alps W diffusor in metallic finish.

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High End 2017: Arcam and KEF

KEF demonstrated their flagship Muon mk2 loudspeakers, triamped by three Arcam P49 power amplifiers, each in bridged mode.

The system effortlessly produced a dynamic, full range sound with a wide, deep soundstage and good image height. The sound was highly resolved, as befits a flagship loudspeaker, but, while they were impressive, it was difficult to fully assess the Muon mk2s, due to the unfamiliar music used in the demo.

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High End 2017: Sights of Munich

High End 2017: Hegel

High End 2017: Focal

Focal Grande Utopia EM.

Focal  Sopra N°1 speakers in a range of colours.

Focal Shape 40 nearfield professional studio monitor.

Focal Shape 65 nearfield professional studio monitor.

Focal Utopia customised by French jeweler Tournaire with 18-karat gold and 6.5 carats of diamonds.

Focal's flagship Utopia headphone driven by the Woo Audio WA22 fully balance tube headphone amplifier.

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High End 2017: DALI

DALI demonstrated a 9.2 home theatre system using speakers from its new entry-level Spektor series.  On a demo of the action movie "Oblivion" the Spektor system provided a powerful, dynamic sound which presented all the subtleties and detail of the soundtrack.  The system's performance was very impressive indeed, especially considering the very affordably priced speakers used.  Of particular interest were the new Spektor Alteco speakers which were used as overhead speakers in the Dolby Atmos setup.

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