DALI Katch on demo at the Cloth Saturday, 2016-12-03

Serious Music will be hosting a demonstration of the new DALI Katch portable Bluetooth speaker at the Cloth on Saturday 2016-12-03 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Come and experience the Katch and get yourself one.


© Wayne Butcher

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Serious Music Listening Session on Saturday 2016-04-16 at Kapok Hotel

Serious Music invites you to a Listening Session from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday 2016-04-16 at the Kahuna Room, Kapok Hotel (map).

Come along and hear:

We’re limiting seating to provide the best listening experience, so contact Serious Music to book a place or to arrange a private demonstration.

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Leading Audio Manufacturers Choose IsoTek

IsoTek products have earned a reputation as the best performing and most neutral power cleaning solution on the market, with more industrial awards than any other specialist audio power cleaning brand.

Many respected audio manufacturers also recommend IsoTek. Click here to see what they say.

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AURALiC Aries Wireless Streaming Bridge on demo

The AURALiC Aries wireless streaming bridge is now on demo at Serious Music.

The Aries provides a streaming interface between you digital music files, stored on a computer, NAS or hard drive, and your DAC.  It also streams from high quality Internet music services such as Qobuz and Tidal.

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Hegel H160 integrated amp on demo

The new Hegel H160 integrated amp is on demonstration at Serious Music.

The H160 is the newest addition to Hegel's excellent line of integrated amplifiers.  It delivers the outstanding Hegel sonic purity, dynamics and musicality through a wide range of analog, digital and streaming connections.

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Serious Music Record Cleaning Service

Serious Music offers a record cleaning service, using the Vinyl Cleaner manufactured by Audiodesksysteme Gläss of Germany.

The Vinyl Cleaner is an automatic LP cleaning machine which used ultrasound waves and micro-fibre brushes to gently deep-clean your records.  As the many reviews testify, this is the most effective record cleaning machine available.

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Hegel HD12 DAC on demo

The new Hegel HD12 DAC is on demonstration at Serious Music.

The HD12, the first of Hegel's new generation of DACs, provides native playback of DSD file and handles PCM files up to 24/192.  It has extremely low jitter levels and a noise floor of -145dB. 

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DALI Rubicon Series Premiered at High End 2014 in Munich

  • DALI Rubicon series (high-gloss black)
    DALI Rubicon series (high-gloss black)

DALI will premiere its newest speaker range at High End 2014 in Munich.

The Rubicon series consists of five new speakers, all using mid-woofers with 6.5-inch wood fibre cones and employing DALI's patented soft magnetic compound (SMC), pioneered in the flagship Epicon series. 

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M2Tech Young DSD on demo

The new M2Tech Young DSD DAC is on demonstration at Serious Music.

The Young DSD is a very high resolution digital-to-analog converter with extremely high value-for-money, capable of handling PCM up to 384/32 and DSD up to x128. It features an USB Audio Device Class 2 interface to transfer high resolution audio from every computer and S/PDIF, AES/EBU and optical inputs, which handle both PCM (up to 192/24) and DSD64.

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