Entreq grounding and vibration control products on demo

Entreq Silver Tellus and Silver Minimus Ground Boxes

Serious Music is now distributing Entreq products.  Entreq manufactures a range of audiophile grounding and vibration control products.

The Entreq grounding solutions are based on their selection of Ground Boxes which connect to unused input or output signal connectors on audio components, via Eartha cables.  These are signal ground connections, not to be confused with the electrical power ground connection, which is typically connected to the equipment chassis.  Proper signal grounding noticeably lowers the noise floor of the audio system, improving microdynamics, imaging and soundstaging and those subtleties which enhance the enjoyment of music.

Entreq also produces a range of other accessories, including Vibb eaters vibration absorbing products and cable lifters and a range of audio cables.

You can read this review of the Entreq Ground Boxes in The Audio Beat.

Contact Serious Music to discuss the Entreq products and to arrange a demonstration.

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