DALI Katch on demo at the Cloth Saturday, 2016-12-03

Serious Music will be hosting a demonstration of the new DALI Katch portable Bluetooth speaker at the Cloth on Saturday 2016-12-03 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Come and experience the Katch and get yourself one.


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Serious Music Listening Session on Saturday 2016-04-16 at Kapok Hotel

Serious Music invites you to a Listening Session from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday 2016-04-16 at the Kahuna Room, Kapok Hotel (map).

Come along and hear:

We’re limiting seating to provide the best listening experience, so contact Serious Music to book a place or to arrange a private demonstration.

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AURALiC Aries Mini Wireless Streaming Node and Vega DAC on demo

The AURALiC Aries Mini wireless streaming node and the Vega DAC are now on demo at Serious Music.

The Aries mini connects to your home network via WiFi or ethernet cable to provide high resolution music streaming (up to 384kHz 32 bit PCM and DSD256).  You can also stream music from a USB drive, or from an optional internal solid state drive or hard drive.

The Vega is AURALiC's flagship DAC, which supports all high resolution formats.  A truly reference level product, the  Vega has consistently been awarded the highest accolades from the most highly regarded audio publications.


Contact us to arrange a demo.


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SVS SB-1000 and SB-2000 on demo

The SVS SB-1000 and SB-2000 subwoofers are now on demo at Serious Music.

SVS makes a range of sealed box, ported box and ported cylinder subwoofers, and two ranges of floorstanding, bookshelf, centre channel and surround loudspeakers.  These are also available as 2.1 and 5.1 speaker systems.

The SB-1000 is a compact sealed box subwoofer (13" cube) with a 12" driver and a 300W DSP amplifier, providing a frequency response of 24Hz - 260Hz ±3dB.

The SB-2000 is also a sealed box subwoofer with a 12" driver, but has a slightly larger cabinet (14.6" x 14.2" x 15.4") and a more powerful 500W DSP amplifier, giving a frequency response of 19Hz - 220Hz ±3dB. 

These subwoofers are ideal of small to medium-sized rooms for high quality music and dynamic movie systems.

Contact Serious Music to arrange an demo and to discuss how you can use SVS subwoofers to build an excellent high end music or home theatre system.

© Wayne Butcher

DALI Zensor 5 AX and Zensor 1 AX on demo

The DALI Zensor 5 AX and Zensor 1 AX powered speakers are now on demo at Serious Music.

The DALI Zensor AX series brings the some of the capabilities of the Kubik series to two models of the entry level Zensor series.  Each Zensor AX speaker pair consists of an active left speaker, with 2 x 50W of digital amplification, and passive right speaker.  The right speaker is connected to the left via a standard speaker cable and 5-way binding posts.

Zensor AX offers several inputs, all selectable and contollable using the included remote control:

  • Bluetooth, with Apt-X if your device supports it
  • Optical digital up to 24/96
  • Analog mini-jack

The Zensor 5 AX is a small 2-way floor standing speaker with a 25mm soft dome tweeter and two 5¼" woofers.  The Zensor 1 AX is a compact stand mount speaker with a 25mm soft dome tweeter and a 5¼" woofer.  Like the rest of the Zensor series the Zensor AX comes in a choice of three finishes, black ash vinyl, light walnut vinyl and white vinyl.

Contact Serious Music to arrange an demo and to discuss how you can use Zensor AX to build an  excellent entry level system.

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Leading Audio Manufacturers Choose IsoTek

IsoTek products have earned a reputation as the best performing and most neutral power cleaning solution on the market, with more industrial awards than any other specialist audio power cleaning brand.

Many respected audio manufacturers also recommend IsoTek. Click here to see what they say.


AURALiC Aries Wireless Streaming Bridge on demo

The AURALiC Aries wireless streaming bridge is now on demo at Serious Music.

The Aries provides a streaming interface between you digital music files, stored on a computer, NAS or hard drive, and your DAC.  It also streams from high quality Internet music services such as Qobuz and Tidal.

The Aries is controlled via its remote control or using AURALiC’s Lightning DS App on an iPad.  It provides gigabit ethernet, dual-band high-speed WiFi and USB 2.0 inputs.  Its outputs are USB, AES/EBU, coaxial and TOSLINK.  It plays PCM files up to DXD (24/384), and DSD64 and DSD128, so you can enjoy any digital file, limited only by the capabilities of your DAC.

Contact Serious Music to arrange an demo and to discuss how you can add high resolution streaming to your audio system.  Ask also about our Aries bundles:

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Hegel H160 integrated amp on demo

The new Hegel H160 integrated amp is on demonstration at Serious Music.

The H160 is the newest addition to Hegel's excellent line of integrated amplifiers.  It delivers the outstanding Hegel sonic purity, dynamics and musicality through a wide range of analog, digital and streaming connections.

Among the features of the H160 are:

  • Power output of 150W into 8Ω, 250W into 4Ω
  • Built-in 24/192 DLNA streamer
  • First amplifier with Apple AirPlay
  • Digital input up to 24/192 via 1 coaxial, 3 optical and 1 USB input. The USB input also accepts DSD, which is converted to PCM before D/A conversion.
  • 1 balanced and 2 RCA analog inputs
  • Headphone output


Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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Entreq grounding and vibration control products on demo

Entreq Silver Tellus and Silver Minimus Ground Boxes

Serious Music is now distributing Entreq products.  Entreq manufactures a range of audiophile grounding and vibration control products.

The Entreq grounding solutions are based on their selection of Ground Boxes which connect to unused input or output signal connectors on audio components, via Eartha cables.  These are signal ground connections, not to be confused with the electrical power ground connection, which is typically connected to the equipment chassis.  Proper signal grounding noticeably lowers the noise floor of the audio system, improving microdynamics, imaging and soundstaging and those subtleties which enhance the enjoyment of music.

Entreq also produces a range of other accessories, including Vibb eaters vibration absorbing products and cable lifters and a range of audio cables.

You can read this review of the Entreq Ground Boxes in The Audio Beat.

Contact Serious Music to discuss the Entreq products and to arrange a demonstration.

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Serious Music Record Cleaning Service

Serious Music offers a record cleaning service, using the Vinyl Cleaner manufactured by Audiodesksysteme Gläss of Germany.

The Vinyl Cleaner is an automatic LP cleaning machine which used ultrasound waves and micro-fibre brushes to gently deep-clean your records.  As the many reviews testify, this is the most effective record cleaning machine available.

All cleaned records are also provided with a new, audiophile-quality, inner sleeve.

Contact Serious Music to arrange to have your LPs cleaned ... and truly hear them for the first time.

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