Arcam, founded in 1976, is a manufacturer of high quality audio electronic products.  They are based just outside Cambridge in the UK and have their roots in that famous university.  Over the years they have developed a tremendous engineering capability and an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of audio products.

Arcam's emphasis on the sound quality and musicality of their products applies equally to their music and movie systems.  The many awards they've received and their many thousands of satisfied and loyal customers worldwide testify to this.  This commitment to musicality runs through the FMJ, rSeries and Solo ranges that form their product line.


FMJ, originally standing for full metal jacket, is Arcam's top range of music and home theatre components.  The FMJ range includes CD and Blu-ray disc players, preamps and integrated and power amps, and home theatre receivers.


The rSeries range comprises Arcam's computer audio and streaming music products.  It includes wired, wireless and USB DACs, and iPod/iPhone/iPad docks.


Solo is Arcam's range of elegant lifestyle products, comprising all-in-one music systems and matching loudspeakers.