HIFIMAN manufactures high end headphones, portable players and headphone amplifiers.  Their award winning headphones include statement level electrostatic headphone systems and the finest planar magnetic headphones available.

Shangri-La is HIFIMAN's statement level electrostatic headphone system.  With its Nanotech diaphragm and metal mesh stators, driven by the 300B the Shangri-La amplifier provide what is truly the ultimate listening experience.

Susvara is HIFIMAN's flagship planar magnetic headphone. With innovations such as the advanced stealth magnetic design and nanometer diaphragm the Susvara sets the standard.

The HE1000 V2, upgrades the award winning HE1000 planar magnetic headphone.

The Edition X V2 is a high sensitivity headphone which bring HIFIMAN's planar magnet sound to virtually any smartphone or portable audio device.

RE800 24k Gold Edition is a reference quality in-ear monitor.

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