IsoTek Systems

Based in Hampshire, UK, IsoTek Systems was formed in July 2001 to develop and produce high-quality power conditioners for audio and AV systems.  Their products employ a range of innovative, proprietary technologies to provide each audio and AV component in your system with the clean power supply it needs to perform at its best.

The IsoTek product line extends from the entry level Discovery range to the flagship Ultimate range.  It includes both power conditioners and power cords.

With IsoTek power products you'll notice the noise floor drop and subtle sonic details will become more evident, with greater low frequency articulation.  You'll also hear increased atmosphere and realism.  With video systems you'll see improved image quality with a greater colour differentiation.  Blacks will be richer with subtle intonation, skin tones will be far more natural and the overall presentation will have greater realism.