Wireworld Pro Audio

Wireworld Pro Audio is a division of Wireworld Cable Technology which focuses on cable solutions for the pro audio and the music industries.

Wireworld Pro Audio provides a range of pro cables that using Wireworld's patented cable technologies.  The range includes:


Hear what some industry leaders have to say about Wireworld cables:

"Your Series 7 cables have added immeasurably to the quality can achieve in mastering. They provided fantastic results in mastering the ‘Beatles U.S. Albums’ collection that will be released in 2014."    Greg Calbi - Senior Mastering Engineer, Sterling Sound

"It has literally made mixing easier. I can finally hear what I knew I wasn't hearing."    Jason Brennan - Senior Sound Editor, Warner Brothers

"I was a major sceptic that high end cables could offer any sonic improvement, but Wireworld changed my mind in a big way. Yes, you can definitely hear the difference and it can be dramatic too."    Bobby Owsinski - producer, engineer


Listen to an excerpt of Episode #13 of Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle podcast Wireworld Cable's national sales manager, Larry Smith discusses the importance of cables in pro audio.

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