Arcam has a well-established reputation as a supplier sensibly priced amplification products with superb sound.  It manufactures a selection of integrated amps in its FMJ and Solo ranges.   The FMJ range also includes a preamp and a power amp.


Initially a manufacturer of very high quality tube amplifiers, Bel Canto Design switched their emphasis to switching (class D) amplifier designs.  It's product line include a range of preamplifiers and integrated and stereo and monoblock power amplifiers based on B&O ICE switching amplifier technology.  These are all housed in solid, non-resonant chassis, perfectly matched with identical dimensions and appearance.  The new ultra high-end Black series includes the MPS1 PowerStream monoblocks, based on Hypex nCore modules.

Hegel Music Systems is principally a manufacturer of high quality amplification products.  They produce a line of award winning power amps, including the flagship H30.  The range also includes a pair of preamps and line integrated amplifiers ranging from entry level to reference quality, several with built in high resolution DACs.


Lyngdorf Audio specialises in digital amplifiers, accepting high resolution digital inputs  and using their own proprietary switching amplifer technology and digital signal processing.  The range includes the legendary Millennium Mk IV and the new TDAI-2170, equipped with Lyngdorf's famous RoomPerfect digital room correction technology.  There is also a premap, the DPA-1, with RoomPerfect.


Plinius Audio is a high-end audio manufacture based in New Zealand.  Over more than 30 years they have developed an enviable reputation for making truly great amplifiers.  Their product line includes class AB integrated and power amps and the  class A  power amps such as their flagship, the famous SA Reference.  They also provide preamps and the powerful multi-channel amplifier, the Odeon.

Pro-Ject Audio produces a wide range of amplification products in its Box-Design micro high-end audio component line.  The offerings extend from the entry level S Line up to the flagship RS Line, offering very compact amplification to suit a range of budgets and performance requirement.


The TBI Millenia MG3 is a compact, single input integrated amplifier.  Despite its small size affordable price and modest output power, this amp produce really high quality sound.


XTZ produces an attractively priced integrated amplifier, the Class A100 D3, which can operate in either class A or class AB mode.   There is also a matching power amplifier the Class AP100.