Digital Sources

Digital sources are involved in converting music in some digital form, CD, MP3, WAV or FLAC file, etc., into the analog form that your amplifiers and speakers need.  See Serious Music Blog posts like Analog … Digital … What’s it all about anyway?, Digital Audio, and Digital Audio Formats for more information.

Digital source components include:

  • Disc players (CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc)
  • DACs.  Digital to analog converters convert a digital audio signal into an analog audio signal.
  • Steaming music players.  These convert digtal audio files in a range of formats delivered over a computer network into digital audio and/or analog audio signals.
  • USB interfaces.  These convert a USB output from a computer to a digital audio output.



As the first company to produce an outboard DAC back in 1988, Arcam is well known for the high quality of its digital sources.  The D33 from the FMJ range is Arcam's flagship DAC.  The rSeries range also includes several digital source components, providing a range of input options, including USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet,  as well as the standard digital interfaces.  Arcam also provides excellent CD and Blu-ray disc players. 


Bel Canto Design produces CD players and CD transports, DACs and USB interfaces.   Among the available digital interfaces is an ST fibre optic connection which permits high speed links over a very long range.  The ultra high-end Black series also includes the ASC1 asynchronous stream controller.


Hegel Music Systems provides a range of high-end CD players and DACs.



Based in Italy, M2Tech is a leading supplier of digital source components, including DACs, USB interfaces, clock generators and ADCs.



Plinius Audio produces a range of digital source components including the Mauri CD player and the Tiki and Toko digital network players.  Also available is the Arataki iPad application which controls the Tiki and Toko  and your stored media.



In its Box-Design range of micro high-end audio products  Pro-Ject Audio produces a  complete range of digital source products, including CD players and CD transports, streaming music players, DACs, docking stations and media players.



XTZ produces the CD 100/11 CD player, which is part of its Divine series of speakers and electronics.  The CD100/11 provides RCA and XLR analog outputs and TOSLINK, SPDIF and AES digital outputs.



The CD-2 CD player from Lyngdorf Audio is equipped with Intersample Clipping Correction (ICC) which restores clipped samples back to their original shape.  It also uses the same the D/A converter section as in the legendary Millennium MK IV amplifier.